This week we headed to the South coast of England with one of our Arbor saunas to set-up for one of Resurface’s monthly ‘Rise & Conquer’ mornings on Bournenmouth Beach – a sunrise surf followed by a delicious sauna overlooking the waves.

Sept ‘19

Swim, surf, sauna

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As September draws to a close we find ourselves reminiscing over a summer of sauna festival fun –
Love Trails Festival, The DO Lectures, Tunes in the Castle Festival, and Soul Circus Festival – as well as looking forward to new projects, events, festivals, and more in 2020…

Of course, the festival season may have come to an end but the season for saunas hasn’t! As cooler days and nights descend here in the Northern hemisphere, Heartwood Saunas find their true calling, enticing you in with their warm glow and promise of the kind of heat and relaxation only equatorial holidays or another summer can truly compete with.

To book a sauna for your winter event please contact us on 07903 116 673 or email info@heartwoodsaunas.com.


Not long to go until Soul Circus festival (Gloucestershire), which promises to be a fantastic feel-good gathering filled with all the wellbeing goodies you can imagine, as well as – yes, you guessed it – one of our wood fired saunas.
…The perfect place to visit for a post-stretch wind-down.

Interested in a weekend of yoga, dance, fitness, healthy eats, musical performances and last but not least a relaxing sauna at the Soul Circus Spa?

…Visit Soul Circus for more info and tickets.
August 16-18th 2019

Join us…


6-8th September 2019

The Glamping Show

19th-21st September 2019

DO Lectures 2019

We love DO.
The Do Lectures is one event in our calendar we really look forward to and we know we’re not alone. The Welsh answer to TEDx, the DO Lectures was started ‘To gather together the world’s Doers – disruptors and change makers, experts and pioneers – to share their stories, and encourage others to go and Do.’
This year its founders, Clare and David Hieatt, were celebrating 11 years of DO.
Here’s the Arbor X at DO 2019.
Tho’ only designed to be a ten-person sauna, each evening a few more than ten DO revellers would try to squeeze in for a feel-good sundown sauna and plunge-pool splash around.

Do Lectures 2019.jpg