Sauna Bathing offers a number of incredible health benefits and can help to support a healthy lifestyle.
In recent years, ‘Sauna Bathing’, which has been a traditional part of Finnish culture for thousands of years, has started to become increasingly poplar elsewhere in the world as well.
Considering the evidence that is emerging from some of the most recent scientific studies on sauna bathing, it’s not hard to understand why this Finnish tradition is becoming so in vogue.

One of the most recent review of studies to be published by the Mayo Clinic (Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research) concludes that
“Sauna bathing, an activity used for the purposes of pleasure, wellness, and relaxation, is linked to a remarkable array of health benefits.”
Click here to read the full review of evidence, ‘Cardiovascular and Other Health Benefits of Sauna Bathing’.


Health Benefits


A sauna, usually heated to over 80° C, is a place to relax in hot and dry heat.
Saunas have existed for thousands of years and the very nature of a traditional sauna is designed to reduce stress levels and improve health.
Sweating in some sort of room or tent is a tradition that goes back centuries, and almost every culture has its own unique version of a Sauna – Turkish steam baths, Roman baths, and natural hot springs.
Saunas have been a gathering place for family and friends for centuries – a Heartwood Sauna brings this experience to your business or home.


Delicious Heat


Heat relaxes your muscles!
In soothing your body in one of our saunas, muscular aches and pains can ease significantly, whilst your mind and emotions can recenter.
Immersing yourself in a beautiful Red Cedar cladded room, the scent of the cedar and the 80+ degree dry heat penetrating to your core, gazing out into the starry night sky, with no technology or distractions!
This sense of relaxation can last a long time, leading also to a good night’s sleep. Users of our saunas tell of an improved sense of physical well-being in general. Relaxation is important for dealing with stress, and all agree that stress has a bad effect on our health.


Wellness & Ritual


There’s something about the ritual of a regular sauna… In Finland a sauna is often a daily ritual and a deeply embedded part of Finnish lifestyle and culture.
The Finns have been using saunas for maintaining their wellbeing for centuries. They understand that regular sauna use is essential to their health and wellbeing. As a nation they have been passing this knowledge down from generation to generation.


Deeply Rested

Deeply Rested Post-Sauna

Regular saunas can help the body to release a larger amount of endorphins – perfect for aiding relaxation and promoting deep sleep.
Using a sauna paired with a plunge pool – raising the body’s temperature and then subsequently suddenly dropping the body’s temperature can increase the feeling of relaxation, leaving you feeling deeply rested and helping you to sleep like a baby!