If you’re looking for a sauna to compliment your business then we’d love to help you to find the right design and specification for your wants and needs.
To speak to us about what your’e after please call us on 07903 116 673.
Or email us to request a call back at info@heartwoodsaunas.com (please specify the hours between which we can contact you).

Both of our current outdoor sauna designs (Arbor and Vapor) are made to order in our workshop in Mid-Wales but did you know that we also offer a bespoke service for both custom design and made indoor and outdoor saunas?
If you have a design in mind then we’d be delighted to work with you to create a design based on your brief.
We can also arrange a site visit and provide 2-D and 3-D computer drawings to bring a custom sauna design to life.

Our small team take pride in offering a high quality, professional service, providing you and your customers with an unforgettable sauna and sauna experience.